Present at Peabody

March 30, 2018 to September 9, 2018

Curated by Julia Zimmerman, a junior in the Krieger School’s Program in Museums and Society, this site-specific exhibition features the work of student-artists Yoonjung Cho, Margaret Curnow, Gillian Waldo, Courtney Cooper, Mazzy Bell, and Camille Cropley. The goal of the exhibition, which is made possible through an Andrew W. Mellon Arts Innovation Grant, is to show how historic sites like the George Peabody Library can help us understand the present and, when engaged through artistic and personal interpretation, can provide insights about the continued relevance of an institution.

George Peabody Library
17 E Mt Vernon Pl
Baltimore, MD 21202

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The Spirit of ’68

May 25, 2018 to September 7, 2018

1968 was marked by war and protest, tragedy and revolution—a year around which a whole era of political turmoil, cultural change, and social unrest turned. This exhibition examines some of the many explosive events of 1968 and the period around this pivotal year. The photographs, posters, pamphlets, books, film footage, and archival documents on display focus on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the “Holy Week Uprisings” that followed in Baltimore; student activism on the Johns Hopkins campus; Vietnam War propaganda and protest; the “Mai 1968” unrest in France; the Black Power and Black Arts movements; and the emergence of what would become known as Gay Liberation.

Milton S. Eisenhower Library, M-level and Brody Learning Commons, B-level

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