What is Digital Scholarship?

And how is that different from Digital Humanities (DH)?

For some, Digital Scholarship is simply scholarly or pedagogical activities within the traditional disciplines undertaken with digital tools. For others, Digital Scholarship involves a reconfiguration of traditional scholarly activities, with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and participation beyond specialist audiences. Digital Scholarship practices can include:

  • The creation of digital editions, archives, maps, visualizations and exhibitions, often through collaboration between faculty, students, librarians, technologists and others
  • The use, analysis and/or creation of digital tools in the classroom
  • The study of the history and culture of new media, social media, human-computer interaction and cultural informatics
  • The study of scholarly questions at large scale via computer-aided analytic methods

These examples are the traditional hallmarks of DH practice. Digital Scholarship expands the term beyond the humanities to include any researcher using these methods.

Featured Projects

Examples of Digital Scholarship projects whose PIs have collaborated with the JHU Libraries on their work

Digital Scholarship at Johns Hopkins University

Campus Resources

  • The Center for Digital Humanities led by Computer Science Professor Tom Lippincott, focuses on using computational methods with humanities materials emphasizing Machine Learning and text analysis.
  • LifexCode is a collective of labs practicing DH against enclosure led by History professor, Jessica Marie Johnson.
  • Data Services offers training in data analysis and visualization, as well as in GIS, R, Tableau and other methodologies.
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation offers digital course enhancements and provides opportunities for faculty to learn about cutting edge educational innovations. They also administer the Instructional Enhancement Grant Program.

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Digital Humanities Research Guide

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