We provide access to articles and books placed on reserve by instructors for their students.

Reserve Services

Reserve Services at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library support electronic and physical reserves for courses in several academic divisions: Advanced Academic Programs, Carey Business School, Engineering for Professionals, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and Whiting School of Engineering.

Whether you are teaching an online or a face-to-face course, consider electronic reserves for easy electronic access to your readings. If you are teaching a face-to-face course at the Homewood campus, consider physical reserves for access to books and videos from the library’s Service Desk. We also work with staff at the libraries at the Columbia, DC, and Montgomery campuses to support physical reserves for face-to-face courses based at those campuses.

All services are initiated upon request from course faculty.

Electronic Reserves

The library’s eReserve system is integrated with Blackboard. The system organizes readings by course and creates indexing that you can search or sort by author and title; upon request Reserves staff will also organize your readings by assignment week, date, or topic. eReserves readings are available to faculty and enrolled students and may be accessed in two ways:

  • from the course Blackboard site, click on the Ereserves link from the left side pane
  • from the eReserves website

Teaching Assistants:

If you do not have access to eReserves for the courses you are assisting, please contact Reserve Services staff at reserves@jhu.edu.

Formats supported in eReserves:

  • book content up to 15% of a print book’s total length
  • ebooks where available
  • journal articles from licensed databases or print journals
  • streaming videos from licensed databases
  • open internet content determined to be public domain


Should you use eReserves if you are using Blackboard? Consult our detailed Format Guidelines for eReserves and BB

Physical Reserves

Books, DVDs, and other media are available for request at the Service Desk; please remember your JHU identification. To view your physical reserves lists, use the Reserves tab in Catalyst and search by faculty or course number.

You may check out books for one of four reserves loans, selected by faculty: 2-hour, 24-hour, 3-day, or 1-week; DVDs and media are available for a 4-hour reserves loan. Users may borrow two items at a time and request one renewal.


To request support for eReserves and/or physical reserves, faculty, teaching assistants, instructional designers, and academic department staff are welcome to send syllabi or reading lists to reserves@jhu.edu. You may also direct DVD lists and requests to reserve the library’s viewing rooms to circmail@jhu.edu.

Please include information about your course and organize your assigned materials with full citations and assignment or viewing dates; remember to identify your book-based assignments with pages, chapter numbers or titles, or essay titles. Tell us about your preferences: translations, editions, subtitles versus no subtitles. If the library does not own what you want, we will do our best to acquire it. If you are teaching multiple sections, please inform Reserves staff.

Look at a snapshot of a sample syllabus

Reserves staff also make submission forms available; we recommend the forms for courses with five or fewer books, videos, or readings.

Are you teaching a course from a previous semester and using the same materials? Send us an email and tell us the course number and when you last taught the course. We will make the same materials available for the new semester.

Syllabus Submission Deadline

If your syllabus or reading list is not ready by our suggested submission deadline, please feel welcome to share a working copy, especially of the first several weeks. Reserves staff prioritize work by assignment date and will look at your early-semester assignments first.

The library’s two viewing rooms are popular. Capacity is 15 users for the smaller room and 35 for the larger. For best room and calendar options, please submit your viewing room reservation requests by the submission deadline.

Meeting Reserves’ submission deadline gives Reserves staff the best chance to provide support that in turn meets your assignment and viewing requirements.