• PhD in Anthropology (Archaeology), New York University, 2017
  • MPhil in Anthropology, New York University, 2014
  • MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, University College London, 2009
  • BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, The George Washington University, 2008

Selected Presentations

  • Roundtables
    • Starry, Z. Garrett, Smiti Nathan. (2019). Curating a Crowdsourced Digital Archaeology Toolkit. Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America. San Diego, USA.
  • Papers
    • Buffington, and Smiti Nathan. (2018). Transformative Trees: The Social and Ecological Impact of Woody Taxa in Prehistoric Southern Arabia. Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Washington, D.C., USA.

Selected Publications 

  • Book Chapters
    • J. Harrower and Smiti Nathan. (2018). Ancient Water Management in Southern Arabia: Creativity, Resilience, and Sustainability in Yemen and Oman. In Water and Society from Ancient Times to the Present: Resilience, Decline, and Revival, edited by Federica Sulas and Innocent Pikirayi, 201–18. Abingdon, UK: Taylor & Francis/Routledge.
    • Smiti Nathan. (2018). Midnight at the Oasis: Past and Present Agricultural Activities in Oman. In The Archaeology of the Night: Life After Dark in the Ancient World, edited by Nancy Gonlin and April Nowell, 333–52. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.
  • Articles
    • Wiig, M. Harrower, A. Braun, Smiti Nathan, J. Lehner, K. Simon, J. Sturm, J. Trinder, S. Hensley, T. Clark, I. Dumitru. (2018). Mapping a Subsurface Water Channel with X-band and C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar at the Iron Age Archaeological site of ‘Update al-Bakrah (Safah), Oman. Geosciences. 8,9:
    • J. Sivitskis, M.J. Harrower, H. David-Cuny, I.A. Dumitru, Smiti Nathan, F. Wiig, D.R. Viete, K.W. Lewis, A.K. Taylor, E.N. Dollarhide, B. Zaitchik, S. Al-Jabri, K.J.T. Livi, A. Braun. (2018). Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery Detection of Ancient Raw Material Sources: Soft-stone Vessel Production at Aqir al-Shamoos (Oman). Archaeological Prospection. 25, 4: 363-374
  • Popular Works

Professional memberships/activities 

  • Society for American Archaeology, Society for Ethnobiology, Association for Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies, Middle East Studies Association, Society of Africanist Archaeologists