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  • M-level


  • PhD in Information Science

Selected Presentations


  • Boehm, Reid; Vu, Hanh; Chiu, Chen; Hanson, Karen (2017): RMap + OSF = Harvesting linked data to visualize and navigate maps of scholarly works and collaborators. figshare.
  • Boehm, R. (2014). Scholarly trust in the e-environment: what does it look like? Poster presented at the 62nd Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation and NSF Workshop on Trust, Cooperation and Compliance with Authority: The Role of Institutional Trust, April 24-27
  • Hart, A. & Boehm, R., (2014) Introducing ESIP Explorer: An Interactive visualization for the improved exploration and understanding of ESIP members, working groups, clusters. Poster presented at the ESIP Winter Meeting. January 2014.
  • Boehm, R. (2013) FUNding Friday Project Update: ESIP Federation Network Analysis Project. Poster presented at the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners, Summer Meeting. ESIP Commons, June 2013. Accessed from:
  • Boehm, R.; Robinson, E.; Meyer, C., (2013) Navigating ESIP on the Web: A unifying online presence for the multifaceted services of the ESIP community. Winter Meeting 2013. ESIP Commons, December 2012. Accessed from
  • Boehm, R., H. Shanafield III, S. Shamblin, R. Cook, T.Beaty, B.McMurry, R. Devarakonda, & S. Allard. (2011). Redesigning the FLUXNET Web Site to Enhance the User Experience. Poster presented at the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners, Summer Meeting.


  • Boehm, Reid; Duerr, Ruth (2017): Panel Talk 2: New platforms and techniques for strengthening ties between observations and user communities.ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 Bloomington, IN. figshare.
  • Boehm, R.; Duerr, R., (2017) Panel Talk 1: New platforms and techniques for strengthening ties between observations and user communities; Winter Meeting 2017. ESIP Commons , January 2017

Invited lectures

  • Boehm, R., Hanson, K., Meyers, N. (2017): Integrating RMap with the Open Science Framework. ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 Bloomington, IN. figshare
  • Boehm, R., & Allard, S., (2014). Agricultural Management Tools: Is there information equity between agribusiness and the small farmer? Presented at the BOBCATSSS 2014 Conference, Library (r)evolution: Promoting sustainable information practices, January 29th-31st, 2014, Barcelona.
  • Boehm, R., (2013). An Exploratory Study of Science and Nature Collaborations in Pinterest, Presented at the University of Tennessee, College of Communication and Information’s 35th Annual Research Symposium Communication and Information Research in an Age of Convergence, February 27,2013.
  • Boehm, R. & Singh, V., (2012). Analysis of Government Environmental Agency Web Pages for Colony Collapse Disorder Information, Proceedings of the 75th ASIS&T Annual Meeting, vol. 49, October 28-31, 2012, Baltimore, MD, USA. Accessible from
  • Boehm, R. (2012) Insects, instincts, and interoperability: organization and decision making at the gut level. Innovators Among Us Lightning Talks, ESIP Summer Meeting 2012 Madison, Wisconsin. Accessible from
  • Bilal, D., & Boehm, M., (2012) Towards New Methodologies for Assessing Relevance of Information Retrieval from Web Search Engines on Children’s Queries QQLM conference paper, May 2012, Limmerick.

Selected Publications 


  • David S. Fearon and Reid Boehm (2017). Addressing the Gaps in Data Archiving for Large-Scale Computing Research at the Academic Research Institution Johns Hopkins University Libraries.
  • Tenopir, C., Levine, K., Allard, S., Christian, L., Volentine, R., Boehm, R., … & Watkinson, A. (2016). Trustworthiness and authority of scholarly information in a digital age: Results of an international questionnaire. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 67(10), 2344-2361.
  • Jamali, H., Nicholas, D., Watkinson, A., Herman, E., Tenopir, C., Levine, K., Boehm, R., & Nichols, F. (2014). How scholars implement trust in their reading, citing and publishing activities: Geographical differences. Library & Information Science Research, 36(3), 192-202.
  • Bilal, D., & Boehm, R., (2013) Towards new methodologies for assessing relevance of information retrieval from Web search engines on children’s queries. Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Libraries: An International Journal of Library and Information Science.
  • Boehm, M. (2012). An exploratory study of online information regarding Colony Collapse Disorder. Student Research Journal, 2(1). Retrieved from


  • Boehm, Reid Isaac, “Dimensions of Access to Traceability Information for US Beef Cattle Producers: Merging Information Frameworks for Assessment and Visualization of State Web-Based Resources in an Effort to Strengthen National Security Connections between Government and Cattle Farming Operations. ” PhD diss., University of Tennessee, 2015.
  • Boehm, Reid Isaac, “The Information Landscape of a Wicked Problem: An Evaluation of Web-Based Information on Colony Collapse Disorder for a Spectrum of Citizen Information Seekers. ” Master’s Thesis, University of Tennessee, 2012.

Courses teaching/taught 

  • Environmental Data Management, University of Tennessee, 2014
  • Race and Gender in Information Science, University of Tennessee, 2013
  • Information Organization and Seeking, University of Tennessee, 2013 and 2014
  • Introduction to Technology, University of Tennessee, 2012

Professional memberships/activities 

  • 2015-2016 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for the Sciences and Social Sciences
    Hesburgh Libraries – Center for Digital Scholarship, University of Notre Dame