Your gift in support of our people, services, collections, and programs will benefit students and faculty today and for generations to come.

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Your gift in support of our people, collections, and programs will benefit students and faculty today and for generations to come.

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For more information about giving to the Sheridan Libraries, or to designate your gift for a particular need, please contact Shellie Dolan, Director of Development, at

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Historical image of an African American woman sitting on a chair next to lush vine growing next to a building

Inclusive Collections Fund

Our Special Collections curators, librarians, and archivists are actively building and stewarding an important collection of rare and archival materials that document the experiences and histories of African American, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and other marginalized communities, with a special interest in groups that are local to Baltimore.

Your gift will allow us to acquire, process, preserve, and digitize letters, manuscripts, periodicals, rare books, ephemera, and other primary source materials that document these under-represented histories, and make them available to students and researchers worldwide.

COVID-19 Tracking Map

The Sheridan Libraries have played an important role supporting the world renowned Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracking map. The map has demonstrated the compelling power of open data. While the vendor for the software underlying the map, Esri, has been supportive and responsive, the reality is that using proprietary software constrains our ability to engage the broader community in an open manner.

Your gift will help us develop an open source platform for COVID-19 maps, and other public health or crisis management maps, that would engage both the academic and broader community in a significant manner.

JHU covid tracking map
tech scanning a book

Digital Course Materials

With the university’s unprecedented move to online instruction, Sheridan Libraries staff worked tirelessly to make books, articles, films, and recordings digitally available for over 1,000 courses. We continue to meet the heightened demand for digital materials by accelerating our digitization activities and working with faculty to acquire new digital scholarly content.

Your gift will support many unanticipated expenses and help us connect Hopkins faculty and students with the digital resources they need for effective online teaching, learning, and research.

Virtual Curatorial Internships

The Department of Special Collections, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Program in Museums and Society, would like to host virtual interns to curate digital exhibitions that will expand online access to our collections of rare books, manuscripts, photographs, ephemera, and institutional archives. Paired with a mentor for support and consultation, each intern will also be introduced to other work across the department and learn about how special collection libraries and major research libraries are organized and function.

$1,500 is needed to fund each intern. Priority will be given to students financially impacted by COVID-19.

Researcher reading a larger book

Virtual Student Assistants

Our instructional innovation team in the Center for Educational Resources (CER) has scaled up its support services to help Homewood campus faculty move over 1,000 courses online. Now focused on shifting fall and spring semester courses to a virtual format, the CER would like to hire several remote student assistants to help faculty build course content, maintain online instruction resources on the CER website, and conduct data collection and analysis.

$1,000 is needed to fund each assistant. Priority will be given to students financially impacted by COVID-19.